Yeou-Herng is our Assistant Treasurer. He’s at the start of his career with us, but the projects he works on already make a positive impact to the operations and relationships across Transurban.

I made the shift to Transurban because I wanted to work somewhere that would give me a sense of ownership. I feel responsible for the business; operating more like an owner than an employee. We’re encouraged to reflect on Transurban as a whole and its core issues, and we make decisions with the entire business in mind.

Coming from a career in investment banking has presented unique challenges that I’ve enjoyed navigating. I’ve had to adapt to being part of a broader business, working with people across a variety of functions including subject matter experts. Being part of a wider team with diverse backgrounds, we all have different perspectives that come to the fore as we share and test each other’s ideas.

For my team, bringing people on the journey is important as the ideas we develop affect the entire business, as well as millions of our customers. Recently, we reviewed our capital management strategy that required us to take a holistic view of Transurban, factoring in our wide range of projects, the various funding requirements and potential impacts on the company. To ensure the integrity of the final solution meant that we had to draw on the expertise across the wider Transurban team and consider impacts to the business that would not have been initially obvious.

What I enjoy most about working at Transurban – and what attracted me to the business in the first place – is the opportunity to connect with smart people who strive for excellence. We have a culture that encourages people to produce high-quality work, and a senior leadership team that gives us space to develop innovative ideas and supports the delivery of the best solutions. Having the opportunity to be part of a team that drives those ideas and makes them bigger to achieve a tailored outcome for all our stakeholders has been very rewarding.