Thomas has been with Transurban for around eight years. His customer service career has seen him grow in our contact centre and beyond.

I joined Transurban because I thought it would be a step up for me – and it was. I come from a call centre background, so I’m used to working fast But what I didn’t expect was the level of professionalism.

This business has customers’ best interests at heart.

Transurban puts people first, from customers to employees, we really do try to do the right thing. Certainly, I’ve always been encouraged and supported to progress my career.

In the eight years I’ve been here, I’ve gone from an entry-level customer service role to a subject matter expert, to a Team Leader in the call centre.

I’ve experienced a huge amount of variety with the projects I’ve been involved in and received valuable training experience on programs in Manilla getting new teams up to speed.

My interest in technology has taken my career path in a different direction –working in our digital team as a Digital Product Owner. When I applied for the opportunity, I had never managed a digital project before, but they knew my customer skills would bring an added dimension to the work.

We’re supported to achieve our career goals but you have to put yourself out there and put your hand up to make things happen. It means that you’re fully in control of your own career - if you’re interested and you network, the opportunities are there for the taking.