Radhika joined us an HR and Learning Development Coordinator, and the impact of her work since then has seen that role evolve and she is now one of our HR Advisors.

Our business is growing fast, so there’s always a need for new ideas and new thinking. Working smarter and making a difference that matters are major drivers at Transurban, and there are always new technologies, processes and systems coming into play to help us do exactly that.

We’re successful because we’re resourceful and we think on our feet. Working together is a big part of that, and many different teams and functions collaborate achieve any given business goal. That makes team work and taking a genuine interest in different perspectives really important qualities to have.

That feeling of being heard gives me a sense of value, and I feel appreciated. I know from experience that my ideas can and will be taken to the next level. I’ve been responsible for some big changes to how we do things in Human Resources, like a new process for recruitment. It’s so exciting to see my ideas rolled out across the business. We’re lucky to have a culture of continuous improvement.

Transurban is fast paced, and the opportunities for growth and development are everywhere. It can be challenging because the change is constant, but for the right person, that’s inspiring. The sense that we’re building something together that’s having a positive impact unites us and makes us a stronger team. It also gives me a real sense of pride and connection to the difference we make for the community. For me, that’s a real motivator.