Jean is our Communities Advocate. Over a long and varied career, she’s focused her talents on educating and informing communities, at Transurban and beyond.

I never had an intentional plan when it came to my career path. Doors of opportunity just seemed to open up and I walked through them. As a journalist, for government, for my own consultancy, I have worked on Olympic bids and set up international food and wine festivals.

When I first came to Transurban it was as a consultant, and I stayed for several years before leaving to pursue my own interests and take on a PhD. I was interested in exploring the theoretical side of the work I had done over the course of my career, but what I found out was that I wasn’t quite finished with Transurban.

I came back to the business to do a piece of work, and felt a real sense of the potential to make a difference - as an active person that appealed to me.

It’s my job to act as the voice of our customers and communities – to make sure that the business hears their point of view. I’ve recently been working on ways to make life easier for customers who are experiencing hardship. We’ve always been an empathetic organisation – we’ve always tried to operate in our customers’ best interests – but now we’re going out of our way to make that information more accessible on our website. It’s a small change but one that can make a big difference.

Little changes like this add up, they help customers understand us. People don’t realise that we’re a world-leading business, with more demands on us than before. The way we work has become much more flexible, we have changed how we work to accommodate others and still keep that balance between work and personal commitments.