Glenn joined us around 16 years ago as an Asset Manager on CityLink in Melbourne. Since then he’s seen the business, his career and experience grow in leaps and bounds.

I joined Transurban as the first Asset Manager at CityLink. At that time, I did ask myself why go and work for ‘a toll road’, but what we do has evolved far beyond that. Working at Transurban was – and continues to be – an opportunity for change. I’ve been very fortunate to grow my career here as the company has matured. Being part of the ups and downs has been a fantastic journey and looking at our project pipeline, there’s lots more to come.

I come at projects from the road infrastructure perspective, which is very much at the core of what we do. It’s about making sure the road, the bridge, the pavement are all there, and that they are safe, functioning, and valuable for our customers, for as long as they should. On top of this, I’ve been exposed to many aspects of Transurban, which has meant that, over the years, I’ve become a generalist, and I love it. It’s given me a real appreciation for the breadth of what we do.

We’re bringing fresh mindsets and different backgrounds into the industry. We’re looking at a range of different sectors for that diversity of skills and genders and experiences.

The ideas we come up with together keep things interesting. It’s not always about coming up with something completely new. Often the best solutions put a different twist on an old problem.

Diversity is the one thing I’ve learned to expect at Transurban. One day I might be working on an issue with hydraulics, the next I might be tackling structural issues.

It’s all these interactions that keep me coming back. I love the thrill of being part of a moving business.