Christine joined the Transurban team two years ago as an Asset Maintenance Engineer before moving into a Business Advisor role.

I’ve always been interested in durability and planning for the future. That’s what my job is about: caring for the asset over the long term. There are a lot of different ways to do that. For example, I’ve recently moved into the business side of things but I’m still using my Materials Engineering background to benefit our assets for years to come.

Working with project teams, I build business cases that keep maintenance costs and risks low over the entire asset lifecycle. That often means a larger up-front cost, but it’s one we’re willing to pay. You can see the benefits clearly; a reduced need for maintenance means fewer roadworks and less disruption in the long run. And that makes our roads better.

Ultimately, I think what our customer’s value most is the time we save them. We take great pride in helping people get to their locations faster and smoother and safer. Accidents are less likely to happen on our roads, and when they do we clear them quickly. It’s something our control room teams really focus on. I remember one incident where we had a stray cat on the motorway in the middle of the night. The teams went out of their way to close the lane so the cat could be rescued and handed over to the RSPCA. It might sound silly, but it’s a great example of how much we care as a business.

Our approach of getting diverse talents and backgrounds together is great for personal development, but it’s also proven to deliver better outcomes. We definitely embrace diversity of thought to solve problems: one of my colleagues is a perfect example. She had a record deal in LA before she went down the engineering path, so she brings a whole different perspective.

I’ve mentored computer science students through our Females Excelling in Engineering and Technology program and seen the positive impact of experiencing a completely different business area. Exposure – especially at that early stage – gives a much fuller appreciation of what we do, of the big picture.

It’s not difficult to get, either. If you want to experience a different area of Transurban, all you need to do is raise your hand. One of the things we do well is support people to achieve their career path and pursue their passions. We don’t pigeon-hole people. So although I started as an engineer, everyone has been really supportive as I study for my MBA. Not only am I being supported financially and with study leave, but I’m being given opportunities to put leadership and financial theories into practice in the office.


Life at Transurban